Directing your warm up

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These are the notes you can use to direct the warm up in our classes. It's only a guidance, you have to personalise it.

Directing the warm up


Hi everybody, today I'm going to direct the warm up
Before starting you must....make a circle/ rectangle/...stay in the middle of the gym...


We are going to start moving our joints
Move your (name of the different joints/parts) X times – Change / Switch
Move the other side/part/...


Ok! Now you must continue walking / marching/ jogging/ ...X minutes doing different exercises. If you want to add the INTENSITY part you can do ... // To finish you must...sprint/ jump/ .... X times. Also, we are going to play a game, in this game you...


To finish we're going to stretch
Stretch your (name of the part/ muscle) X seconds Change / Switch


The warm up has finished / The warm up is finished / I have finished / ...